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Mobile Responsive Design

With website browsing numbers every increasing, you are potentially damaging your businesses reputation and missing out on customers.

It seems that just about everyone is attached to their smartphone. For some reason, there are many tourism operators who have not yet picked up on this.

You could use the stats from Google’s Mobile Planet to learn how much mobile usage is!

  • 41% of Australians make online purchases a few times a week from a handheld device!
  • More than 40 percent of Google searches are now being performed on some sort of mobile device.
  • In 2012 over half of all local searches were done on a mobile device.
  • In 2014 mobile Internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage.
  • Out of the 4 billion mobile phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smartphones and 3.05 billion are SMS enabled.

Take Bookings

The booking process is extremely simple for customers, and easily configurable by you or Availia.

Simply choose how many people, the date of travel and any other “up-sells” or “cross-sells” you might offer.

Once a valid booking is chosen, the “Book Now” button can be used to add the booking to the shopping cart.

The bookings process takes an “accept all” approach to new bookings, to avoid customers being locked out of certain allocation before payment or confirmation.

This means customers will be able to add the same slots to their cart at the same time, however, the booking itself will be issued to the “first come first served” at the checkout.

Types of customers, like Adults or Children can be added, discounts or vouchers for large purchases or group bookings and even add pick-up and drop-off costs, up-sell equipment or food and beverages.

Take Payments

There are a multitude of payment options, but straight out of the box with Availia websites is Paypal.

We’ve got it already built in to the system.

PayPal Standard takes customers from your site to PayPal to finish paying for their order.

You’ll need to set-up PayPal standard. The most important information you need to configure before taking payments is your PayPal email address.

If you don’t have an account with PayPal be sure to sign up for a business account with them. It is completely free.

If you’d like to set up a direct banking transfer or use credit card facilities already connected with your business, like Westpac, ANZ or others, be sure to let us know, we more than likely can accommodate your banking requests.

Manage Availability

The ability to manually create a booking in the system from a customer’s phone call inquiry enables you keep track of sales, add to reports and ensure accuracy of customer details, product costs and even cancel an order and automatically notify the purchaser via email.

You can also check the invoice details, customer details and view the customers notes to you.

This is extremely important, especially if you accidentally delete the email you receive when the order has been made.

You can manage the amount of bookings/seats per product. This will “lockout” customers from over booking your tour or product. Customisable “lock-out” dates can be set per hour, per day, days of the week months or even years.

Send Invoices

Fully customizable PDF invoice are attached to the completed order email, you can resend the invoices to customers or to yourself.

Your customers will have access to their invoices in their My Orders area.

The layout of the templates is fully customisable.

Add your own logo, ABN, address and contact details.

You can add or remove many customised fields as you need to.

Generate Reports

Orders can be viewed by sales by date – this gives you an idea of the current performance via a sales graph and a few way ways to drill down into data as well.

View sales by year, last month, this month, last 7 days, and even a custom date range.

The sales graph shows the number of sales plotted on the blue line, the shipping amount in green, and coupon value in orange.

Generated reports can be expanded via an extra addition to the reporting arsenal, SMART REPORTS.

You can track which payment gateways are being used the most, the percentage of the order is product vs shipping vs taxes, and you can also report which countries your customers come from.

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