A fully feature packed tourism website design and bookings package on offer from Availia is our Premium Tourism Website Package.

Designed for charter operators with multiple resources (boats, bikes, kayaks etc.), our Premium Tourism Website Package is the perfect option for operators that need a little more flexibility with the booking process.

The extensive Premium Tourism Website Package is customized for your tourism business using our professionally market tested design themes and is optimized for the best performance possible.

Harnessing the latest technology in Search Engine Optimisation and website security, you’ll not only have a higher ranking website, you’ll have piece of mind that your site is safe and so are your customers private details. An absolute must in today’s high tech environment.

Our Premium Tourism Website Package is individually tailored to your business requirements, and is perfect for businesses wanting to have a modern website that is compatible with mobile and desktop users.

The Tourism Premium Website package includes:

10 complete web pages. We suggest the 10 pages in your website package includes a homepage, an about us page, product category pages, weather information & forecasts, a news/blog page and a contact page.

Having a blog or news section attached to your site will encourage additional traffic to your site and assist in higher SEO rankings.

Availia will ensure that your Premium Tourism Website Package includes a spam proof contact form and Google maps of your location, as well as charter destinations or points of interest on your tour. It also includes a services page, a field guide page or any type of page content tailored to your individual tourism business.

Also included in the Premium Tourism Website Package – up to 5 bookable products. The products all come with a product description, additional tour information summary and a customer review / product inquiry section and Google maps.
In addition, each Premium Tourism Website Package allows for 2 Product add-ons per bookable product – which is great for great for adding pick-up/drop-off services or up-selling equipment.