PDRC approached Availia to discuss a modern website design that could meet some very specific criteria for their niche online tourism business.

PDRC required a unique website design solution as their core business is to provide custom charters for their clients. PDRC works with numerous individual boat companies; their website design did not require the facility for immediate bookings or payments from their clients.

PDRC needed to make contact with the client as well as the tour supplier to ensure availability. PDRC also needed a website design that allowed them to list their tour suppliers but that encouraged the web user to contact PDRC directly to discuss their tour requirements without going to the individual boat company.

As tour prices and products change all the time, PDRC also required a website design solution that enabled them to maintain and manage the completed website themselves. PDRC required a website design that allowed them to work with Availia remotely – by phone and email only, as face to face meetings were not possible.

As well, PDRC wanted to equitably represent all their products across the board yet provide sufficient information in order for the end-user to make an informed decision about which product would best suit their needs and budget.

As you can see, PDRC had numerous unique requirements for their website design.

We like to think Availia delivered. As well as ticking all the boxes for the unique website design criteria, Availia created a website design that looks simply stunning and presents beautifully. You be the judge.

Website Design Project Deliverables

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Social Network Integration
  • Automatic Social Network Publishing
  • Multiple Products with variations
  • Product Variations
  • Customised Pricing Display
  • Customised Product Inquiry Forms
  • Customised Google Maps Integration
  • Newsletter signups
  • Multi-layer Photo Gallery
  • Product Wishlists
  • Blog/News