Helicopter Tour

From: $180.00

You will be weighed at check-in. No refunds for miscalculated weights.

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Product Description

An amazing tour to a world renowned reef.

This tour is an hour only tour with 1 price, $180 per person.
A minimum of 1 person (Priced as 2 people) and a maximum of 4 people can book this tour with weight restrictions being 3 people over 133kg or 4 people under 100kg.
Customers cannot book earlier than 24 hours of chosen tour with the option to book 2 years ahead of time.
The tour is only available in hourly blocks. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9:00 am and 10:30 am take-offs

No payments are made for this tour. A “Check Availability” request is made instead of a booking/purchase at the checkout. Customers must fill out a completed booking form.

Additional Information

What to bring

Hat, Waterproof Camera, Smile

Maximum people per tour



Your chosen pick-up/drop-off (Free Locally)

  • Transfers from accommodation (Locally)
  • 1 photo with helicopter and/or pilot


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